Poem #29 – GO ON, NOW, GO


It wasn’t that I was petrified
Or even afraid
Just lost for ten seconds
And then finally,
Fresh air
Pulsing into lungs
I could breathe again
Like I had been someone who never breathed before
Tasting oxygen for the first
Cold mountain air
Pure as snow
And I knew I could and would survive
I knew
And I did and I am and I will and you don’t have an access point anymore
No key for the lock
Go on

Poem #28 – Untitled

Third time’s the charm
So let’s cut right to the chase
And mess it up once
Then twice
So when we round the base three
It’ll be right and fine and right on time
Strike one doesn’t bother me
Strike two the timing’s so wrong
Strike three, not so fast
Because this is the time it’ll finally last
You and I
Because the charm is emanating
So slip on this shoe
Just to make sure it fits
And me and you will be
You and me
Until the end of eternity.

Poem #27 – Untitled

I don’t know how popular you think you are
Some kind of movie star, model deer in headlights
Backlit or from the side
With a fan
Blowing your hair every which way
Except imperfect
And you put on the tights everyday
Because you think you’re a superhero
But all you are is a four leaf clover
That happened to get picked
Nothing super about it
Nothing amazed or arranged or perfected
Or scienced or philanthropic
But you have a great house
And everyone will remember you
Forever, immortal, for the “work” that you did
Even as your face is melting off.

Poem #26 – WAITING


If you walk down a country road long enough
A tree appears
The only life for miles
And you sit
Struggle with your boots
And finally free your feet.
But your hat is empty of all you put there
The leaves won’t show up til later
And everyone has more fobs than you
A companion you are to yourself
And the fourth wall seems more solid than ever before.
It’s evening and the moon fails to rise at its cue
Then it does
It always does
You sit on the spot or you stand by the tree
You’ll just do the same thing again tomorrow.
And your heart feels watery in your chest
Where has GoGo gone, too?
Pull your rusted jacket closer to your bones
Try to drift your mind off to sleep.
So you can laugh in this world, but I can’t
The tree seems to whisper.

Poem #21 – THE WIND


I’d like to think that if I chased you
If I chased you like I really wanted to catch you
I’d like to think that if I chased you
Like that
I’d win
Fleet footed
Raw chested
Ragged breathing
Feet bleeding
Arms pumping
Breath catching
That kind of running
I’d like to think that if I chased you
Like that
I’d win
And I’d catch you
And I’d have you
I’d have caught you
Earned you
Run you down
Like a deer or a wild horse
Like  an arrow or a bullet
Like the muthafuckin wind
I’d have caught you
Caught up with you
But I never chase you
I’ve been here standing still
All along

© Eileen Tull